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We can be reached via email;

We are busy every day preparing all orders for shipment.
We do this mainly in the morning. It is therefore possible that we are in the warehouse in the morning and not at the computer. We will send a response during the day!

We try to answer your question within 1 working day.
If you have a specific question about a gymnastics outfit from your club or advice for a particular situation, for example, we want to take our time and get back to you later.
Either way, we always respond quickly.

If you send us an e-mail, don't forget to include additional information.
For example, an invoice number or the article number of your club gymnastics outfit.
We sell gymnastics clothing all over Europe. Due to the amount of associations, we do not know (anymore) by heart which gymnastics outfit, in which country-, by whom- or which association has been purchased.

See also the information at our 'Frequently asked questions'.

We try to resolve complaints as quickly as possible and in consultation with you.
Please contact us at

  • Please describe your complaint.
  • Add clear pictures
  • Attach your invoice (if you do not have one, please include the name on which the order was made and the corresponding address).
You will receive a response from us as soon as possible.
If we ask you to send the item to us, it is of course at TT-Gymnastics' expense.

Door de lockdown tijdens Corona lag ons bedrijf stil. Er was geen omzet meer en uiteindelijk moesten onze werknemers noodgedwongen uit dienst.
Om deze reden zijn wij telefonisch niet meer bereikbaar, maar reageren wij wel heel snel op uw e-mail!
Wij zijn bereikbaar via;

Wij zijn elke dag druk met het verzendklaar maken van alle bestellingen.
Dit doen we voornamelijk in de ochtend. Daardoor kan het gebeuren dat we s'morgens in het magazijn te vinden zijn en niet achter de computer. We sturen dan in loop van de dag een reactie!

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