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For clubs;
Great news, soon we will have a more modern, new logo that fits well with positive developments within TT-gymnastics!
Nothing else will change to the fast service you are used to from us.
If your club still wants to buy leotards with our current logo; order now from stock!


Size Chart

1 2 Size
   57 - 62 cm       42 - 46 cm       128   
   61 - 65 cm       46 - 50 cm       140   
   64 - 68 cm       50 - 54 cm       152   
   68 - 73 cm       54 - 58 cm       164   
   72 - 78 cm       58 - 62 cm       S   
   78 - 84 cm       62 - 66 cm       M   
   82 - 88 cm       64 - 70 cm       L   

Advice* for ordering the correct size:
*This is a recommendation. Everyone’s body is different.

  1. Measure the circumference of the chest to obtain the first value (column 1).
  2. Measure the distance between the dimple under the larynx and the crotch to obtain the second value (column 2).
  3. Gymnastics clothing should fit snugly; do not buy for growth as it will then be too large.
  4. Your child's clothing size does not determine the size of the gymnastics clothing. Children's clothing sizes in shops are not comparable to gymnastics clothing made of tight-fitting stretch fabric.
  5. If in doubt, ask other parents during gymnastics class which TT-Gymnastics clothing size their child wears.
  6. 6. The sizes in our table may differ for your child. Because the fabrics we use stretch in all directions, there is a margin for fit. We have compiled our table with the help of a great many children whom we have measured in our shop.
'My child is 1.56m. What size should I buy?' We cannot answer this question because we do not know your child's physical build, everyone’s body is different. Also see this video.
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