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Before you contact us to ask where the package remains, please read through the information below;

  • You will receive the track&trace by e-mail, please also check your spam folder.
  • Once your order is picked up from us, we have no influence on the processing speed at the postal service.
  • If you have received the invoice from TT-Gymnastics, your package has been picked up by DHL! It is therefore possible that the track&trace does not yet show that the package has been picked up.
  • The track&trace becomes active (i.e. updated) as soon as the letter carrier has scanned the package in the sorting center. Given the rush, the link may become active later than you are used to!
  • TT-Gymnastics cannot make the transport companies work faster. We too must continue to monitor the track&trace.
  • Please continue to follow the track&trace daily for the current status.
  • If - 5 days after sending your package - you still have not received the order, please contact us.
Please mention in the e-mail;
  • The name on which you placed the order.
Attach your track & trace code (found in your e-mail). An invoice may also be attached.
Without these details we cannot start an investigation at DHL.
Please note; an investigation at DHL takes several days. An investigation does not mean that a package will be delivered faster.

Thank you in advance for your patience. See also; DHL

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